BARBADOS Port Douglas has been busy designing
an exclusive selection of Signature Cocktails for its inaugural cocktail menu, 
all of which have quite a story to tell.
We have also been busy putting together an array of premium wines, beers & spirits. 

We have also created a selection of tapas style dishes
 as well as a variety of share plates
to accompany as well as compliment our drinks menu.

Here at BARBADOS Port Douglas our food and drink menu will constantly evolve.
This is a good thing,
and is due to the fact that we are keen to chat, listen and learn, 
in order to gather your valued feedback on how we can improve
as well as better cater to your individual tastes and requirements.

We are continually updating our website with all new material
keeping it recent and relevent for your convenenience,
with food & drink menus included, as well as pricing.